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You are an outstanding, multi-talented attorney who is well known for your warm and friendly disposition. Your practice and leadership have invariably brought great success and satisfaction to all of your clients for well over a decade. We admire your intelligence, determination, integrity and sense of justice and are proud to know you. Keep up your good work.

Harbachan Singh, Esq.

Procurement Division, United Nations

Thank you for helping me with my case. It if was not for your help, I could have lost my home and everything else in my life, including my career in the army. During my deployment you gave me assurance that everything was going to be okay, and you did it. Ms. Marino, your leadership and character is impressive, it is above and beyond what I could have ever expected… You have extended a powerful example of gratitude to me, and I will continue this inspiration to others for the rest of my life.

- SSG Ricardo E. Azabache

3d Infantry Division, United States Army

Thank you for caring and taking time to help me. You saw the truth and defended it. God bless you.

- Concetta Oran

Thank you for your gracious help in settling such a difficult case.

- Hank Eulau

We wouldn’t know where to begin to say thank you for everything you have done for us. What was thought to be a cut and dry petition turned into two plus years of a family court battle. You fought petition after petition and when there was incredible injustice in family court, you continued to fight in the Appellate Court. Your dedication to our case, even when finances were not paid timely to support your endless hours of work, is unprecedented. Your unwavering demand for justice was proven when the Appellate Court ruled in our favor. It was a light at the end of this dark road we dragged you down. Thank you Nora for sticking by us through this nightmare. I don’t know where we would be today without your help.

Tammy Vorasi and Cesco DiMaio

I want to thank you for today. I think you are a wonderful lawyer. I know my case is frustrating. This has been a hard and emotional battle for me and my kids. You are professional, tough, you protect your clients, and you are compassionate. I am very happy with the way you handled my case. Thank you for helping me. I am very pleased with the way you represented me. Thank you.

- T.C.

Many thanks, thank you for everything.

- Valerie Dunn

Thanks for being such a wonderful attorney.

- Wilfred Canada

Thank you for defending me. I wish I had you from the beginning. You have common sense and that’s what it all comes down to and you have no patience for nonsense. So amazing. It is terrible that it has been entertained this long. It has caused so much heartache. I feel relieved that it will all get resolved. You are a tough cookie and I’m glad you were on my side. Thank you.

- Tony R.

Thank you for being such a good lawyer! I especially appreciate your persistence in negotiating the lien amount down. In every aspect of this action, you represented and protected me admirably, and I am very grateful. I would not hesistate to call on you again, or to recommend you to anyone I know. Take care.

- Alexandra C. Fisher

Just wanted to drop you a note and say “thanks” for resolving my case. I really appreciated that it got resolved before the end of the year. Have a great holiday.

- Jose Martinez