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Marino Mediation

Are you getting divorced? Separated? Do you know there is an alternative to paying tens of thousands in attorneys fees and spending endless months in court, in heated fights and battles? Opt for mediation – Marino Mediation. Nora Constance Marino has extensive experience in divorce and family law, as well as a background in psychology. She will help you both, and your children, make a smooth transition into your divorce. Ms. Marino will sit down with you, go over the facts, go over the law, and help you work things out, as seamlessly and painlessly as possible. Save time, save money, save aggravation, and save heartache. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

If you do not feel that mediation is for you, and would rather consult with your own attorney, please visit our Divorce & Family Law page, by clicking below.

The parties should understand that when they choose to mediate with an attorney, that attorney does not represent either party. A mediator, who may be an attorney, is hired by both parties in order to assist the parties in resolving their differences amicably.